Item collection 5271616 original

ACEO abstract original Lunar Mountainscape ATC


Item collection 2614509 original

colorful sharpie ACEO - whimsical floral art card - water landscape fish


Item collection 4138425 original

Original Art card drawing Vampire Beauty ACEO Halloween macabre spooky ATC


Item collection 2614522 original

ACEO abstract landscape - Shadow


Item collection 247863 original



Item collection 2614624 original

ACEO - Abstract in acrylics and marker - paisleys and swirls


Item collection 4331204 original

Abstract ACEO zentangle art card Among the Clouds SFA small format art


Item collection 2614717 original

Elation - ACEO abstract landscape


Item collection 4958119 original

Abstract ACEO modern art card Purple Mountains ATC small format art SFA


Item collection 2614535 original

ACEO original abstract cityscape colored pencil sharpie acrylic colorful pink blue green yellow red orange


Item collection 2614671 original

Landscape ACEO- marker and colored pencil art - soft colors


Item collection 9369 original

Original ACEO - art card - small format art SFA - ATC Little Bit of Whimsy


Item collection 4541213 original

Original abstract ACEO marker fantasy drawing black and white ATC art card floral modern


Item collection 4178165 original

Original ACEO marker drawing zentangle bright colors ATC


Item collection 4123968 original

Original marker colored pencil ACEO Faerie Blue art card drawing


Item collection 2614662 original

original abstract acrylic painting - modern city artwork - A Walk in the City


Item collection 2614594 original

ACEO acrylic abstract - small painting - pink, orange, and turquoise art


Item collection 2614699 original

original ACEO - abstract watercolor - small painting - red and blue flowers


Item collection 2614531 original

small abstract painting - black and lime forest modern artwork -Ghosts


Item collection 13429 original

ACEO Holiday Ornament Peace on Earth white dove decoration holiday miniature painting - art card


Item collection 10158 original



Item collection 10154 original

Downtown Groove


Item collection 247896 original



Item collection 247921 original

Blue Forest


Item collection 250516 original

Red Flowers ACEO


Item collection 250528 original



Item collection 250544 original

Marker Doodle 1 ACEO


Item collection 2613894 original




I am a self-taught artist living in Southeast Texas with my kids, 2 dogs, a cat, and what's left of my sanity. My art is inspired by my imagination, my mood, or whatever song is playing in my head at the time. I hope you'll stay a while and take a look around!